Italy May Be Dying: ‘Lowest’ Birth Rate ‘Ever Recorded’, by Michael W. Chapman

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By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews, February 21, 2020

Italy’s incredibly low number of births in 2019, the “lowest level ever recorded,” indicates a serious problem that “concerns the very existence of our country,” said Italian President Sergio Mattarella on Tuesday, as reported by Reuters.

Data from Italy’s national statistics agency, ISTAT, show there were 435,000 births in 2019, which was 5,000 lower than in 2018, “the lowest level ever recorded in Italy” since records started in 1861.

In addition, last year there were 647,000 deaths, which was 14,000 more than in 2018.

“This is a problem that concerns the very existence of our country,” Mattarella said, according to Reuters. “The fabric of our country is weakening and everything must be done to counter this phenomenon.” ….

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