Italy’s Bishops Criticize State for Keeping Public Mass Ban, by Hannah Brockhaus

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April 28, 2020
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By Hannah Brockhaus, CNA, April 26, 2020

– Italy’s bishops have criticized Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte for failing to lift the ban on public Masses.

The Italian bishops’ conference Sunday released a statement denouncing Conte’s decree on “phase 2” of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions, which it says “arbitrarily excludes the possibility of celebrating Mass with the people.”

During a press conference April 26 to announce the next phase of Italy’s COVID-19 restrictions, beginning May 4, Conte said funerals may resume with a maximum of 15 people present. Other religious celebrations, including public Masses, will resume “in the coming weeks.”

In their April 26 statement, the bishops referred to two bodies which advised Conte on lifting lockdown measures: the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the equivalent of the Prime Minister’s office, and the Technical-Scientific Committee for COVID-19.  ….

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