It’s a Coup. Just Say It! by Jay Valentine

Critics Say McCarrick Report Evades Issue of Pervasive Homosexuality in Catholic Clergy, by Edward Pentin
November 16, 2020
Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò: Godspeed to the Million MAGA March
November 16, 2020

Photo by Juliana Romão on Unsplash

Political science types have a word for every happening.  One is the Overton Window.  Like lots of these terms, it is not too scientific, but it well describes things observed every day.

For instance, the idea that an eight-year-old boy decides to be a girl, because he feels like it, and is then medicated with hormone therapy to look as close to a girl as science enables was once a preposterous idea.  Then it was possible, then probable, and now, voilà!  A boy is now a girl, and if you use the wrong pronoun, you lose your job!

Meet the Overton Window: that period of time when something seemingly quite impossible becomes mainstream.

This is a game two can play.  …

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