Jen Psaki Confirms What We All Know: Joe Biden is an Abortion Activist, Not a “Devout” Catholic, by Ryan Bomberger

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September 10, 2021
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September 11, 2021

By Ryan Bomberger, LifeNews, Sept. 10, 2021

Washington, DCI love it when unintentional truths slip out even when a politico tries to suppress it. EWTN reporter Owen Jensen asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to explain a self-professing Catholic President’s devotion to abortion. Her response was so typical yet so revealing.

“Why does the President support abortion when his own Catholic faith teaches abortion is morally wrong?” reporter Owen Jensen asked.

As predictable as day turning into night, Psaki responded like a devout pro-abortion activist. She couldn’t defend Joe Biden’s extreme position and conflict with Catholicism, so she went with the dogma of the religion both she and the President adhere to—fake feminism. …

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