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December 30, 2019
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By Jennifer Gregory Miller, Catholic Culture, Dec 26, 2013

Jennifer Gregory Miller is an experienced homemaker, mother, CGS catechist and authority on living the liturgical year. She is the primary developer of’s liturgical year section. See full bio.

NOTE: This post was originally written on December 26, 2013, days after my open heart surgery to help a genetic heart condition. Six years later as I’m recovering from foot surgery and my husband mourning the sudden loss of his mother, these sentiments are again very appropriate to the Christmas season.

Around the Christmas tree, the torn wrapping paper has been discarded, replaced by Lego sets in various stages of building. Baby Jesus rests in His manger, the Advent wreath candles have been replaced with red (it’s not the liturgical color white, but I love the festive Christmas red) and the Christ Candle rests in the middle of the wreath. I’m home for Christmas after two weeks in Cleveland for open heart surgery. Thank you for all the prayers. I’m recovering slowly but well. The transition has been very smooth, with my husband Dave taking over all the Christmas preparations and household duties, and members of my family and friends helping in all sorts of ways.

During all the poking and prodding and pain, I’ve been pondering how does this all apply to Christmas? Here is second highest feast of the Liturgical Year, recalling the birth of God’s Son as an infant on Christmas morning. What does it mean from the sick bed? ….

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