Jordan Sekulow to Newsmax TV: Trump Team Building Its Elex Case Carefully, Methodically, by Eric Mack

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November 11, 2020
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November 11, 2020

(Newsmax TV's "Spicer & Co.")

By Eric Mack, NewsMax, November 10, 2020

Despite mainstream media’s urgent demands for evidence of widespread election fraud, it will take time for the legal case to be “outcome determinative,” according to a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team Jordan Sekulow on Newsmax TV.

“It’s going to be a little bit of a slow process to get this into court, but then all the federal courts know they’ve got to do this rapidly,” Sekulow, of the American Center for Law and Justice, told Tuesday’s “Spicer & Co.” “So, chill out. Take your time. Let us do our legal work, and then the courts are going to do this in an expedited manner.

“Whether it’s like 30 days or so, I think we have all this figured out.”  …

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