Joy Break: College Student Receives Answer to Message in a Bottle He Dropped in the Ocean — 9 Years Ago, by Nancy Flory

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November 15, 2019
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By Nancy Flory,an Associate Editor, The Stream, November 14, 2019

When we turn on our television or smart phones we are bombarded with news that brings us down. Where are all the good stories? They’re still there. Here’s one that we hope will bless you.

Message in a Bottle

Max Vredenburgh was 10 years old in 2010 when he threw a bottle into the ocean. The bottle contained a letter he wrote to someone who’d find it. Nine years later, Vredenburgh received a response.

Vredenburgh recently posted a picture of his letter and the response letter on Twitter. “On August 21, 2010 I threw a message in a bottle into the ocean from a beach in Rockport, MA. On October 10, 2019 that letter was found on the beach in France. I am mind blown. 9 years.” ….