Keep Your Focus on God, Not on Things, by Alan Scott

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August 29, 2019
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August 29, 2019

By Alan Scott, Catholic Exchange, August 29, 2019

Alan ScottSometimes I have often felt like I need to let go of ‘the world.’ 

There are way too many distractions.

So, I have been abandoning lots of things that used to be very important to me and adopting a whole new way of thinking and a whole new way of being. Over the past several years I have slowly been moving towards what is called a ‘minimalist.’

It’s funny — I had no intentions to become minimal. My life seemed to be going OK as a ‘maximalist.’ I had loads of stuff and was quite happy with it, or so I thought. I discovered the concept of minimalism accidentally, stumbling on a few websites that discuss the topic. These sites reveal how people are always trying to find happiness through distractions, or oftentimes, in their next purchase.

Reading more, I also learned how people often refuse to let go of things because they are convinced they may need these ‘things’ in the future. Hmm, this was sounding a lot like me. I decided to look more into this minimalism thing. And the more time I spent reading about the subject; the more and more I realized I had some serious distractions in my life. It was like a curtain was lifting.   ….