Lafayette, Louisiana: Community Nixes LGBT Reading Event

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By Steve Jordahl, OneNewsNow,  October 5, 2018

An event where a cross-dressing man was scheduled to read pro-LGBT stories to little children at a public library isn’t going to happen because a Christian group intervened.

The public library in Lafayette, Louisiana, had scheduled “Drag Queen Story Hour,” but the Christian ministry Warriors for Christ – in conjunction with Citizens for a New Louisiana – filed a federal lawsuit to stop it. “We have been going back and forth with the judge asking for a restraining order to stop this event, saying that it’s pandering sexuality and obscene material to children,” Pastor Rich Penkoski explains to OneNewsNow.

Last week, organizers moved the event from the library to South Louisiana Community College, but on Thursday the college gave up on the event before the court even ruled on the matter. The organizers denied it, but Penkoski says it was all about influencing youngters.

Warriors for Christ screen still“We did a Freedom of Information Act request from the library and we have found out that they were doing this on purpose, [that] they were manipulating what was being shown to parents to bring these kids there so that the children would be hearing messages of stories about how to get your parents to cross-dress and stories of a prince falling in love with another boy,” he shares.

“So they were actually targeting three- to five-year-olds – and the event introducing them to the LGBT lifestyle.”

Dylan Pontiff, the drag queen scheduled to read, admitted as much to a local newspaper:

“I just think that this all comes from a population of people that don’t truly understand change, that don’t truly understand open-mindedness and empathy. And that is the exact thing that Drag Queen Story Time is trying to create in our children.”

The books reported to have been read were Strictly No Elephants by Lisa Mantchev, From The Stars in the Sky To The Fish in the Sea by Kai Cheng Thom, and The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

Penkoski concludes: “I believe that if Christians stood together and we prayed, because the power of God is with us in this, that these events would be shut down.”