Last Abortion Business in Mississippi Will Close Down as New Abortion Ban Takes Effect, by Steven Ertelt 

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July 7, 2022
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July 7, 2022

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews, July 6, 2022

Jackson, MississippiThe last remaining abortion business in Mississippi will finally close down tomorrow when the state’s new abortion ban officially takes effect.

As LifeNews reported, Mississippi was one of 10 states to ban abortions following the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Thanks to a state judge who denied a request from Mississippi’s last remaining abortion business to stay open, the new ban protecting babies will take effect tomorrow.

In accordance with the provisions governing Section 41-41-45 of the Mississippi Code, Attorney General Lynn Fitch published the required certification to Mississippi’s Administrative Bulletin for what is known as the State’s trigger law. That meant abortions are now banned and babies are legally protected from conception for the first time since 1973. The law protects babies from conception and bans abortions except in the case of a formal charge of rape or for the preservation of the mother’s life. …

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