Latinos May Give Trump Needed Edge, by Joseph Treviño

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September 22, 2020
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September 22, 2020

By Joseph Treviño, Church Militant, September 21, 2020

Latinos for Trump may provide ‘tipping point’ for victory

Sergio Arellano has seen the face of war head-on, having been injured as a U.S. infantry soldier by a bomb in Iraq and coming home as one more wounded warrior. Wracked by pain, he ended up homeless on the streets of his native Tucson.

But Arellano, 37, who is no longer homeless and lives in both Tucson and Phoenix, is about to go again to a different kind of war, but this time in Arizona — a key battleground in the upcoming presidential election. President Donald Trump and his campaign are counting on Arellano and other Hispanic volunteers as his ground shock troops to help him tilt the border state to his favor by courting perhaps the most widely contentious and, his critics say, his ultimate adversarial group of voters: Latinos.

Arellano and Latinos for Trump, a group of volunteers formed after the 2016 elections, are back on the hot streets of Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma, where most of Arizona’s population is concentrated. Arizona went for Trump in 2016 with the support of rural dwellers.  ….

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