Lawyer: Separation of Church and State a Myth, by Matthew Thomas

True Confessions, by Francis X. Maier
April 28, 2022
Fr. Dan Pattee: The Cross and Justice
April 28, 2022

By Matthew Thomas, Church Militant, April 26, 2022

God belongs in law

“The Supreme Court has been persistent and destructive. Its doctrinaire views of the religious clauses of the First Amendment have secularized the schools and the public square, depriving communities of the benefits that would arise from the cooperation and involvement of religious groups and organizations, whose efforts at ameliorating major social problems have proven more effective than those of government.” — Dr. George W. Carey, professor of government, Georgetown University.

“The rough edges of one man rub against those of another, if the expression may be allowed, and the friction is often such as to injure the works … of the social machine. But by Christianity, all these roughnesses are filed down; every wheel rolls smoothly in the performance of its appointed function.” — William Wilberforce, British antislavery crusader. …

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