Lay Faithful to Gather in Rome to Pray for the Church on Eve of Amazon Synod, by Edward Pentin

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September 28, 2019
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The group, concerned about evils and the current situation within the Church, will meet for a prayer vigil near the tomb of St. Peter on Oct. 5

By Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register, 9/27/19

Lay faithful from across Italy are expected to gather in a piazza near St. Peter’s basilica next week to pray for the Church as she faces a catalogue of challenges, ones which the event organizers have included in a prayer list.

Recalling Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s words in 2005 excoriating the “filth” in the Church, and his later words on the “terrifying” sin and persecution from enemies within the Church, the organizers wish to draw attention to the extent of the current evils ranged within the body of the Church and to urge the faithful to pray for her.

“The Church is living through her Passion,” one of the vigil’s organizers called Father Giuseppe wrote in a letter to Vaticanist Marco Tosatti that was later reported in the Italian daily Il Tempo. 

Titled ‘Let’s Pray for the Church!’, the prayer vigil is scheduled to take place at 2.30pm on Oct. 5, in Largo Giovanni XXIII — an open space, usually the location for media on special occasions, at the far end of Via della Conciliazione, the central boulevard leading to St. Peter’s Square (the event has a Facebook page here). The Pan-Amazon Synod runs Oct. 6-27 at the Vatican. ….