Leftists Put Trigger Warnings on Founding Documents, by Douglas Andrews

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September 10, 2021
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September 10, 2021

By Douglas Andrews, Patriot Post, Sept. 9, 2021

Our woke National Archives now warns about potentially hurtful language within the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Constitution Day isn’t until next Friday, but the woke supremacists at the National Archives just couldn’t wait to slap a trigger alert on that one-of-a-kind, world-changing document.

“Harmful Language Alert: see NARA’s Statement on Potentially Harmful Language.” That’s the language now appearing above the online version of the U.S. Constitution at the National Archives Records Administration. Same with that other offensive piece of parchment, the Declaration of Independence. Click on the accompanying link to either of them, and you’ll be taken to a page that apologizes to the handful of snowflakes who might be triggered by language that “may be harmful or difficult to view,” or that “may reflect outdated, biased, offensive, and possibly violent views and opinions.” …

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