Leftists Reveal Long-Game Scheme to Take Over Elections, by Bob Unruh

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November 4, 2022
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November 4, 2022

2020 experiment with voting influence proved successful

By Bob Unruh, WorldNet Daily, November 3, 202

Bob UnruhLeftists orchestrated a massive nationwide effort during the 2020 election to influence America’s voting results – for the benefit of Democrats.

It worked this way: Mark Zuckerberg handed over $400 million plus in cash to a couple of foundations which then wrote checks to local election officials to help them deal with the election process.

The result was that those officials often used the money to recruit voters from Democrat districts, providing ballot drop boxes to those communities and more.

Analysts have said that almost without question changed the winner of the 2020 race from President Trump to Joe Biden. …

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