Legal Loophole in Canon Law Protects Pedophiles, by Michael Hichborn

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By Michael Hichborn, (LifeSiteNews), Lepanto Institute, Jan 26, 2022

Reprinted with permission from the Lepanto Institute

If there is to be an end to the sexual abuse crisis in the Church, it has to begin with a revision of canon law, re-enacting C. 2359 § 2 of the 1917 Code of Canon Law, with the added provision that those ordained ministers who are guilty of sexual abuse or sins against nature should be laicized.

(Lepanto Institute) – Ever since the 2002 revelations of deep-seated problems of child sexual abuse by members of the Catholic clergy, the most common question among the faithful remains unanswered: “How could this have happened?”

Since then, scores of reports related to ongoing patterns of sexual abuse and cover-up by the episcopacy have shown that not only has this crisis not been resolved, it isn’t likely to end any time soon. And while many rightfully point the finger at wicked bishops, homosexual networks in the clergy, and the fetid rot in seminaries, the fact of the matter is that all of these are mere symptoms of the issue.

One major source of the problem is a legal loophole contained within the Code of Canon Law itself which directly protects pedophile priests. Simply put, canon law prevents criminal perverts in the clergy from being properly prosecuted and punished. Not only does canon law make it impossible to reveal the homosexual and pederast networks existing among the clergy, but the nature of their perversion prevents punishment. …

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