Levin: ‘I’m Disgusted with Republicans in the Senate’ – ‘There Should Be No Trial!…It’s a Set-Up!’

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By Mark Levin, CNS News, Jan. 16, 2020

“I’m disgusted with the Republicans in the Senate,” Constitutional Scholar and conservative commentator Mark Levin declared Wednesday, after Democrats delivered articles of impeachment to the Senate for trial.

Commenting on LevinTV, Levin said Democrats’ entire impeachment effort is “a set-up” and that the Republican-controlled Senate shouldn’t give it credibility by even holding a trial.

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LevinTV – @LevinTV – “Fair and Just Trial?”

How can anything be “fair and just” with the Democrats involved?

Nobody says it quite like Mark: http://bit.ly/levintv 

“How can anything be ‘fair and just’ with the Democrats involved?” Levin tweeted, slamming Democrats for first holding a one-sided inquiry in the House – but, demanding impartiality and fairness in the Senate trial.

In an embedded video clip, Levin says he’s incensed that five Republican senators want to  legitimize Democrats’ sham impeachment by calling witnesses:  ….

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