LifeNews: Pro-Abortion Women Go on “Sex Strike” to Save Roe v. Wade

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July 6, 2018
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By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews, July 5, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – The pro-abortion movement’s fears about the future of Roe v. Wade have prompted an unusual means of resistance: abstinence.

Sort of.

In a tweet that went viral this week, Harper’s Bazaar journalist and abortion advocate Jennifer Wright urged women to go on a “sex strike” to show their resistance to the possibility of a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Wright urged women to stop dating men who do not support a “woman’s right to choose” abortion. She asked women to use a female judge emoji on their dating profiles and the hashtag #Lysistrata2018 to show their participation.

Jennifer Wright – @JenAshleyWright – We’re very likely to lose Roe Vs. Wade. Some men may think that doesn’t concern them. Make it.

If you’re single and dating, add a 👩‍⚖️ emoji to your dating profiles to show people you won’t date/sleep with anyone who doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose.

According to Yahoo, the hashtag refers to the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata, “in which women refuse to sleep with their warring husbands until they agree to a truce.”

“Sex strikes like these have proven surprisingly effective at creating political change through history,” Wright wrote in a subsequent post.

Prompting these fears is Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the U.S. Supreme Court. A swing vote on the court, Kennedy sometimes sided with pro-life advocates by upholding limits on abortion, but he continually upheld Roe v. Wade and its allowance for basically unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy.

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His retirement means Trump will have the opportunity to appoint a second Supreme Court justice who could be a deciding vote in overturning Roe v. Wade and restoring protections for unborn babies in America.

Last week, Trump promised to choose a nominee from a list of 25 conservative leaders, most of whom already are judges on federal circuit courts and state supreme courts. Pro-life advocates and other conservatives have praised Trump for the possible Supreme Court nominees on his list. He chose conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch from the list in 2017.

Unsurprisingly, abortion activists are worried. Pro-abortion groups already are lobbying the U.S. Senate heavily to oppose any conservative nominee to the court. Some also have been sending coat hangers to U.S. Senators’ offices.

But this new “sex strike” definitely is one of their most bizarre attempts at persuasion.

The Daily Wire summed up the protest this way, “Pro-abortion women are starting a sex strike to save abortion — and if you aren’t smacked by the irony of that, something is wrong with you.”