LifeNews: Scientists Want to Grow Babies in the Womb for 40 Days and Kill Them for Research

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May 10, 2021
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May 10, 2021

By Dr. Tara Sander Lee, Dr. David Prentice, Lila Rose, LifeNews, May 7, 2021

LifeNews Note: Tara Sander Lee, Ph.D. is senior fellow and director of life sciences for the Charlotte Lozier Institute. David Prentice, Ph.D. is vice president and research director for the Charlotte Lozier Institute. Lila Rose is president and founder of Live Action.


WASHINGTON, DC – A recent news story describing how scientists in China generated the first human-monkey chimeric embryos (unborn monkeys with human body parts)—a deliberate and unnatural crossing of species—sent shock waves through the world.

But this unethical experimentation on human embryos is not exclusive to China.

Scientists have now successfully grown baby mice in the lab, outside the natural womb. They are pushing to do the same with human babies. It’s not a horror movie yet, but it could be very soon. …

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