LifeSiteNews: Bishop Accountability Website Highlights Staunchly Pro-Life Texas Bishop

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August 23, 2019
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August 26, 2019

By LifeSiteNews Staff, Aug 23, 2019

Bishop Joseph Strickland is this week’s Bishop of the Week for Faithful Shepherds, a website launched by LifeSiteNews to encourage bishops to remain faithful to Christ by enabling laity to email, send personalized postcards, or call their bishops to urge them to uphold the Church’s perennial teachings.

Bishop Strickland was elevated to the office of Bishop for the Diocese of Tyler in 2012. While he may oversee a relatively small diocese, Strickland has done anything but keep a low profile. Strickland has been a vocal defender of the Deposit of Faith and a defender of orthodoxy on many issues.

Learn more about Bishop Strickland’s views and send him a postcard by visiting FaithfulShepherds.comClick here.

Strickland was one of the first bishops to support Archbishop Viganò’s testimony about now disgraced ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and the Pope Francis’ role in the affair. In a statement regarding the testimony, Strickland called for a “thorough investigation” that would hold accountable “all found to be culpable even at the highest levels of the Church.”

In addition to his strong initial support for Archbishop Viganò, Strickland has continued to demand justice long after other bishops have quieted down about McCarrick’s vile actions. Strickland posted a tweet in 2019 calling on McCarrick to “publicly repent.” ….