LifeSiteNews: Bishop Strickland Triples Down on Opposition to Abortion-Tainted Vaccines

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By LifeSiteNews staff

We have ‘to live the truth that Jesus Christ has revealed to us.’

By LifeSiteNews staff, Dec 29, 2020

December 29, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Bishop Joseph Strickland has once again spoken out against abortion-tainted vaccines in this week’s episode of The Bishop Strickland Show.

Besides highlighting the immorality and anti-Catholicism of vaccines linked to aborted baby cells, Bishop Strickland also addressed other concerns regarding the coronavirus, including mandatory vaccine laws.

“I would encourage people to resist any forcing of receiving these vaccines,” Bishop Strickland said. “We need to look at all the sides of the issue and make a well-informed conscience decision” according to what Church doctrine teaches. 

Strickland and co-host Terry Barber also spoke about the possibility that vaccine mandates will be specifically targeted from the government towards the Catholic Church, and that they will lead to persecution. He noted that “probably most of the time through history, some[where] in the world, the Church has been persecuted.”  …

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