LifeSiteNews: We are Reaching an Unthinkable ‘Level of Totalitarianism’: MD on Pandemic

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January 19, 2021
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January 19, 2021

A medical doctor is speaking out against the ‘collusion’ between authorities and tech corporations targeting doctors and scientists who dissent from current COVID policies.

By LifeSiteNews staff, Jan 18, 2021

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January 18, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Following a September 2020 interview with LifeSite’s Jim hale, Dr. Leland Stillman this time speaks out against the “dark collusion of government actors … and corporations,” which is stifling dissent among medical doctors and scientists, as it pertains to pandemic policies.

Back in September, the young doctor had spoken out against forced vaccinations. Stillman had noted that a COVID-19 vaccine must not be made mandatory, and that forcing people to inject it only “serves certain special interests.”  …

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