EWTN: Lila Rose Shows the Way

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: Unnatural Sex Education & Its Deadly Consequences
May 27, 2023
14 Simple Steps To Eucharistic Revival – That Won’t Cost $28 Million, by Phil Lawler
May 28, 2023

Lila Rose of Live Action. (photo: Courtesy photo / Lila Rose )

EDITORIAL: The Catholic ‘cultural entrepreneur’ recently appeared on a secular dating talk show and modeled the kind of winsome engagement with the broader culture that the Catholic Church in America needs more of.

The Editors, EWTN News, May 27, 2023

Our sexual culture is broken and bruised and deeply ill. Physical intimacy and relationships have been reduced to vehicles of self-gratification, our bodies are treated as malleable raw material, and God is, for many, at best an afterthought in the background of it all.

Faced with such confusion and disorder, it can be tempting to choose one of two false options: Batten down the hatches and hermetically seal ourselves off from the world (and our neighbors in it) as things continue to go to hell in a handbasket; or embrace a sort of sickly sweet “kindness,” avoiding any kind of confrontation or disagreement with those who reject Christ while not actually caring about their ultimate well-being.  …

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