Liturgical Reform: The Council and the ‘Consilium’, by Robert W. Shaffern

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September 7, 2022
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September 7, 2022

By Robert W. Shaffern, The Catholic Thing, Sept. 7, 2022

Robert W. Shaffern, a new contributor, is a professor of medieval history at the University of Scranton.

The Vatican’s new liturgy chief, the Englishman (and now Cardinal) Arthur Roche, told journalists recently that those who worship in the Tridentine rite need to ask themselves whether they wish to be Catholic or Protestant. That question, of course, is a curious one, since so many Catholic saints over so many centuries have worshiped in the rite of St. Pius V.

Furthermore, had these recent converts so desired, they could well have joined a Protestant denomination. In addition, exposure to the Traditional Latin Mass encouraged the American actor Shia LaBeouf to convert to Catholicism. The actor found in it a depth of experience. Roche’s reaction was to say that he would like to speak to the actor, the subtext being that admiration for the old rite is a poor reason for joining the Catholic fold. …