Locked-Down Women Discover True Freedom, by Suzan Sammons

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March 22, 2021
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By Suzan Sammons, Crisis Magazine, March 23, 2021

Suzan Sammons is a mom of seven whose home-based life includes homeschooling, writing and editing, graduate studies, gardening, and, sadly, no fuzzy slippers.

Suzan SammonsEarly March saw a flurry of tweets from blue-checkmark women bemoaning the looming return of life to its pre-pandemic whirlwind: blazers and heels, carpooling and rushed meals, less time at home and much more on the run. Why does the thought of going back to their old lives frighten these professional women who have staked so much to their careers outside the home?

Importantly, it’s not just high-powered women who are feeling this way. The blue-checkmark tweets were seconded by a multitude of everyday working women. The phenomenon says a lot about where and how women find their joy. It’s just ironic that it took near-imprisonment to lead them to an understanding of what personal freedom really is.   …