Losing Friends in the Age of Covid, Trump, and Trans, by Austin Ruse 

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March 31, 2023
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March 31, 2023

A few years ago, I noticed a certain frostiness from my long-time friend. He would not answer my emails and would not pick up the phone.

By Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine, March 31, 2023

Austin Ruse is a contributing editor to Crisis Magazine. His latest book, Under Siege: No Finer Time to be a Faithful Catholic, is now available from Crisis Publications.


Austin RuseMy oldest friend in the world has suspended our friendship until some undetermined later date.

I’ve been friends with this guy since 1972. That’s fifty-one years, half a century. We grew up only a few streets away from each other. We went to junior high, high school, and college together.

As high schoolers, we worked in the kitchen at Lindenwood College. We ran each other through the dishwasher. I was vice president of the student council; he was secretary. He was editor of our high school biweekly magazine; I ran the daily newspaper. At the University of Missouri, he was president of the student body; I was his press secretary. We went to the Journalism School together. …

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