Loudly Defending Freedom, by Hugh Hunter

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February 3, 2022
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February 3, 2022

[Photo: Ottawa, January 29, 2022]

By Hugh Hunter, Crisis Magazine, Feb. 3, 2022

Dr. Hugh Hunter is the author of How to be a Philosopher and of the Manly Saints Project.

I live in Ottawa. Downtown Ottawa. While writing this, I am wearing noise-cancelling headphones because, even with the windows closed, the sound of horns from the Freedom Convoy Truckers is deafening. So why can’t I stop smiling?

I can’t stop smiling because my Canadian countrymen have stepped up on one of the great moral questions facing my generation: should government health mandates be forcibly applied to ordinary people who want to be left alone to live their lives?

The Canadian government has made vaccinations necessary to do certain jobs. …

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