Louisiana Democrat Switches Parties: Their Abortion Agenda “Does Not Align With My Christian Values”, by Micaiah Bilger

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March 21, 2023
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March 21, 2023

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews, March 20, 2023

Baton Rouge, LouisianaLouisiana state Rep. Francis Thompson has joined a growing exodus of pro-life individuals from the Democratic Party as its leaders push an increasingly radical pro-abortion agenda.

On Friday, Thompson switched to the Republican Party after saying he felt prompted by his values and his Christian faith, according to the Daily Wire.

“The push the past several years by Democratic leadership on both the national and state level to support certain issues does not align with those values and principles that are a part of my Christian life,” he said in a statement.

Thompson, who has served in the state legislature for decades, said “nothing” about his values have changed, rather the Democratic Party is the one that has shifted left. …

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