Mama Told Us So, by Jennifer Hartline

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October 20, 2022
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October 20, 2022


By Jennifer Hartline, Crisis Magazine, Oct. 20, 2022

Jennifer Hartline is a wife, mother, and a daughter of the Church. She is a contributor to The Stream, Catholic Stand, and Catholic Online.

Over a hundred years ago, the Queen of Heaven made the sun her plaything in the sky. She wasn’t showing off; she was trying desperately to get our attention. Her warnings from Fatima were echoed again years later in Akita, Japan, on the very same day as the Miracle of the Sun had occurred. She told us of terrible things to come, including corruption within the Church.

Well, Mama told us so. 

The hierarchical Catholic Church is rank with evil men in clerical garb. It’s a dreadful thing to say, but there is no point in pretending otherwise. The lay faithful are in an awful, damnable spot: we want to trust our shepherds because we truly love our good priests and bishops, we need Real Food, and we truly love the Church. We will not leave because we cannot. …

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