Manning Up is Life’s Real Workout, by Christine Valentine-Owsik

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July 18, 2019
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By Christine Valentine-Owsik, Legatus, Jul 01, 2019

Masculinity has gotten A twisted, faulty rap lately, as if it is an unfortunate leftover of days gone by.

Christine Valentine-Owsik

But true masculinity aligns with the cardinal virtues (prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude), upon which all other virtues hinge. Jesus Christ is the icon for true masculinity – He abided by His role under His Father’s plan, come what would, and plenty did.

As kids we admired guys who played tough sports, got in fights defending siblings or girlfriends, or who had strength to chop wood stumps with an ax. They walked on the outside of a sidewalk to protect the girl, held doors, pursued her but didn’t expect it in return, and didn’t strive to be noticed. They endured injuries, ran miles in bad weather to strength-train, and didn’t expect anyone to sustain them. They didn’t wear makeup, shop excessively, sunbathe, or dawdle in day spas. They didn’t avoid work. Those in military service were proud to serve. They didn’t bad-mouth parents, or ignore requests for help.

And as girls, we worked toward goals with the resources and talents we had, not expecting what wasn’t ours, or which we didn’t earn. We didn’t use our femininity for victim status, and didn’t see males as the enemy line.

When these guys and gals married, many rejoiced in their young families and went the extra mile to provide for them. If it meant holding multiple jobs, they did. Most knew their place before God.

That was then.. ….