Many American Elites Lobby for China Despite Grave Human Rights Abuses and Acts of Covert Aggression, By Patrick Delaney

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In addition to enormous payouts channeled to the Biden family, many former U.S. senators and congressmen have profited significantly by lobbying for the Chinese military or intelligence-linked organizations.

By Patrick Delaney, LifeSiteNews, Feb 8, 2022

Having earned two master’s degrees in sacred theology from Mount St. Mary’s College and Seminary, Patrick Delaney’s professional background includes working for a presidential campaign, and later for American Life League ….

Featured Image(LifeSiteNews) — As the Olympic Games continue in Beijing, Americans may find it valuable to not only recall the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) egregious human rights abuses but consider further the contrast between the CCP’s focused aggression against the United States and our own globalist politicians who profit handsomely working for their interests.

High on the list of China’s international crimes includes the growing mountain of evidence that the CCP is carrying out a genocide on the Uyghur Muslim population that involves, among other offenses, the forcing of Uyghur women to have abortions, undergo sterilization, and be placed into “re-education” programs with the hopes of reducing the group’s population within the nation. …