Marco Tosatti: A Review With Excerpts of From The Depths of Our Hearts

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January 20, 2020
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January 20, 2020

By Marco Tosatti, Church Militant, January 19, 2020

Read excerpts yourself to decide who wrote the book

Originally published on Marco Tosatti’s blog, Jan. 16, 2020

Dear friends and enemies, trolls, infiltrators, disturbers and those who sing the company line [for Bergoglio], this morning “from the depths of my cold” I found a gift in my mailbox: From the Depths of Our Hearts — a copy of the new book by Benedict XVI and Cdl. Sarah — yes, the book written by both of them.

A rapid reading of the introduction and conclusion (co-authored by the two) and a glance at the division of pages in the book fully exposes how many lies my American, English, French, Spanish, Argentine, Italian, etc., colleagues linked to the court of the reigning Pontiff have placed in motion in an effort to diminish the importance of this text, which was obviously conceived and written by both men.

No, Benedict is not a poor, feeble-minded old man, as the lowest forms of life in the Vatican journalistic swamp have tried to make us believe. No, Cdl. Sarah has not swindled the good faith of anyone, fooling a senile old man. (I will never be able to forget the tweet with which Austen Ivereigh launched the hashtag #elderabuse. It is something that frames a person for life, like an x-ray of his soul).    …

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