Mary, the West, and Russia’s Errors: A Defense of Archbishop Viganò

The Pope & The Patriarch of Moscow, by Russell Shaw
March 29, 2022
Brave Jesuit Dan Banished for Refusing Jab, by Jules Gomes
March 29, 2022

By Barbara J. Farrah, Crisis Magazine, March 29, 2022

Barbara J. Farrah is a convert to the Church, a former Marxist atheist. She spent 30 years in Strategic Management roles before retiring two years ago. …


In his writings on Fatima and Russia, the Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen pointed out that the world has “become so used to judging temporal events in terms of other events,” that it has lost sight of that “greater standard of judgment, namely, the Eternal.” Michael Warren Davis, in an article for Crisis, has recently accused another archbishop, Carlo Maria Viganò, of having fallen into precisely this error, becoming so absorbed in worldly events, so “swept away by trends in modern politics,” that he has let “the clamor of current events drown out…the voice of God,” and “blind him to the evils of the Russian government.” …

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