Mass Hysteria: What the Mass Is and What It Is Not, by Sam Beurskens

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July 19, 2019
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July 19, 2019

By Sam Beurskens, OnePeterFive, Inc., July 18, 2019

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a profound work of tremendous meaning, mystery, and beauty. For this reason, I think Catholics need to review just what the Mass is, considering that over the last 60 years many people were rendered ignorant, and those who did know have forgotten, a result of the strong Protestant emphasis (almost denying the real presence and the sacrifice) in the new Mass or Novus Ordo.

Before we begin looking at what the Mass is, it will be fruitful to examine what the Mass is not. Archbishop Alexander Sample’s article, “Celebrating the Spirit of the Liturgy,” gives us four examples of catechetical and theological efforts that have missed their mark in relation to explaining what the Mass is.

First, he tells us that at a youth conference, the statement was made that the Mass has lost “the spirit that we had going once we began the Mass,” even though the conference-organizers provided popular praise and worship music, which included electric guitars, drums, amplification, and a “lively beat” [1].