Massachusetts Beating a Dead Horse to Keep Abortion Legal

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July 21, 2018
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July 21, 2018

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow,  July 20, 2018

Massachusetts is pulling out all stops to protect abortion in new state legislation.

The Massachusetts House has approved a Senate bill that overturns old laws that ban abortion – including one passed in the mid-19th century.

Massachusetts Citizens for Life President Anne Fox told OneNewsNow that the bill is really meaningless.

“None of these laws have been enforced,” Fox stressed. “Some of them – since long before Roe v Wade – were not being enforced, and they were all in the criminal law, whereas the laws that we pass now – pro-life laws – are civil.”

She pointed out that abortion activists are misrepresenting the current abortion debate.

“You know, we’re not looking to criminalize the women or anything,” Fox emphasized.

Supporters in both Houses maintained that they were reacting to the possibility that the United States Supreme Court will eventually overturn precedent that legalized abortion nationwide, but Fox argues that lawmakers were actually politically motivated.

“Obviously it’s part of their talking points,” the pro-life activist contended. “They’re all saying the same thing, but it raises money for them – it chins up their supporters, so they do it.

In 1981 the Massachusetts Supreme Court issued a ruling that found a constitutional right to abortion – another reason why the legislative action was unnecessary.

Fox explained that what is needed is a constitutional amendment for life, and the organization is exploring all options to accomplish that.