LA Mayor Garcetti and Pope Francis Talk Climate Change and Immigration in Vatican Meeting, by Alene Tchekmedyian

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Mayor Garcetti meets with Pope Francis on Friday at the Vatican.(Eric Garcetti)

By Alene Tchekmedyian, Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times, Aug. 10, 2019

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti met with Pope Francis on Friday in a private meeting at the Vatican, where they discussed climate change, youth, poverty and immigration.

Garcetti shared photographs of the visit on social media, saying in a statement he was moved by the Roman Catholic Church leader’s “inspired words about matters that will shape the future of our world, and to have the chance to speak to him about our mutual work to save this planet and serve our fellow human beings.”

Garcetti said Francis offered greetings for the people of L.A.

“We are grateful for his grace, his prayers, and a message of faith, love, understanding, and cooperation that brings peace and comfort to people everywhere,” Garcetti said.

In 2015, Francis released a powerfully worded encyclical, or teaching document, chastising those who would deny a human connection to climate change. He declared that the planet was indeed growing warmer and that the dangerous trend was due largely to a culture of instant gratification.