McCain Getting Flak for Backtracking on ObamaCare Repeal, All Traitors

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By Chris Woodward,, August 9, 2017

An Arizona-based physician isn’t happy with her senior U.S. senator for doing exactly the opposite of what he promised during his most recent re-election campaign.

As shown in the accompanying image, Senator John McCain [R-Arizona] voted “no” on what was described as a “skinny repeal” of ObamaCare, something Dr. Jane Orient of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) says ran counter to his campaign promises.

“There was probably no one who was more adamant than John McCain … was for repeal of ObamaCare because of its many adverse effects on American medicine,” Orient shares. “There were all kinds of ads and declarations in his campaign for Senate along that regard; and he has just basically repudiated all of them and gone along with the faction in the Senate and in the Republican Party that really had no intention from the beginning of trying to undo ObamaCare.”

McCain wasn’t the only Republican to vote no. Senators Lisa Murkowski [Alaska] and Susan Collins [Maine] also rejected the bill. But that doesn’t matter to Dr. Orient.

Orient, Dr. Jane (AAPS)“They’re all traitors – and I think if they hadn’t gotten McCain to vote no, they would have gotten somebody else,” she explains. “We just don’t know what sort of manipulative stuff goes on behind the scenes.”

At this point in the year, Orient is ruling out a repeal and replacement of ObamaCare.

“Our congressmen are so dependent on the donor class and lobbyists and the influence from their state governors, for example, who are dependent on this huge influx of federal funds that’s coming in as a result of the Medicaid expansion,” she continues.

“The Medicaid expansion is possibly providing very little help in the way of medical care to people who really need it, but there’s a huge amount of money that’s going to people who are pretending to organize and take care of Medicaid recipients.”

McCain’s office didn’t respond to OneNewsNow’s request for comment.