Mega-Corporations Going All In, and Out on Weak Limb, to Prove ‘Wokeness’, by Chris Woodward, Billy Davis

America’s Enemies on the Move … While Biden Moves Against Americans, by Al Perrotta
April 8, 2021
Texas, Louisiana Sue Biden Administration for ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders Freeing Illegal Aliens into U.S., by John Binder
April 8, 2021

By Chris Woodward, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow, April 7, 2021

A conservative activist who routinely confronts powerful corporate bosses and their left-wing ideology is praising a newly-formed coalition that is confronting Big Business for partnering with leftists who hate capitalism and for promoting policies that alienate their own customers.

Several groups have come together to form Stop Corporate Tyranny with a message to mega-corporations: Go back to selling Dr Pepper and flying planes instead of choosing sides in political and cultural battles.

Two main targets are Twitter and Facebook, whose powerful CEO’s play dumb in front of a congressional committee while, behind the scenes, the social media giants punish conservatives, and even media outlets such as The New York Post, when they don’t like the message. …

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