Memo to Christians: Here’s What’s REALLY at Stake in Midterm Elections, by David Kupelian

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October 5, 2022
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October 5, 2022

David Kupelian de-codes Joe Biden’s bizarre rants, warnings, lies and threats

By David Kupelian, WorldNetDaily. October 2, 2022

David KupelianHorrified by what has been called the Sovietization of the Biden administration – including the shocking criminalization of dissent and the weaponization of the FBI, whose agents daily arrest, intimidate and persecute the regime’s political opponents – tens of millions of Americans anxiously wonder whether November’s midterm elections will bring any positive change of direction for a once-great nation now careening toward total destruction.

Although many voices are weighing in on “what’s at stake” in the midterms, ironically no one has expressed it more clearly or forcefully than Joe Biden himself, in his astonishingly dark Sept. 1 “Soul of the Nation” speech, delivered while bathed in ominous red lights and flanked by Marine guards. …

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