Men Should Be Saints and Culture Should Be Saintly, by Joseph Pearce

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August 31, 2022
Women Are Disproportionately Hurting Our Country, by Dennis Prager
August 31, 2022

Luca Giordano, “St. Luke Painting the Blessed Virgin Mary,” 1692 (photo: Public Domain)

Creativity is a mark of the image of God in man, and culture is the mark of God’s creative image in human society.

By Joseph Pearce, EWTN News, August 30, 2022


In my confused, impetuous and misspent youth I believed, with the arrogance of ignorance, that I knew the answers to all the most important questions in life. The world’s problems could be solved politically and economically. All that was needed were the right policies, and the right government to put the policies into practice. It was all so simple. All so easy. The biggest problem was convincing the older people how simple it all was. It was a pity, in fact, that old people were so stupid. Such were the thoughts of my thoughtless youth.

And as for culture, who cared about culture anyway? At best it was fun, like listening to the latest rock band, or watching one’s favorite football team; at worst it was a needless distraction from the real issues, which were political and economic. And religion? What a waste of time that was. Religion was utterly irrelevant. It had no connection to the real world or the real issues. …