‘Miracle of Vistula’: When Our Lady Saved the World From Communism, by K.V. Turley

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June 2, 2021
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June 2, 2021

LEFT: The Black Madonna of Częstochowa. RIGHT: A Polish 120 mm battery during the Battle of Warsaw in 1920. (photo: Public Domain)

In 1920, in the face of Soviet aggression, Catholic Poland stood alone.

By K.V. Turley, EWTN News, June 2, 2021

K.V. TurleyThe first victim of the Soviet Union’s international socialist crusade was Catholic Poland. By the spring of 1920 Poland was under attack from the Soviet Red Army.

At the national Marian shrine of Częstochowa candles were lit and desperate prayers intoned beside the icon of the Black Madonna. The intercession of Our Lady of Częstochowa was never more needed.

On May 20, 1920, the newly created Red Army crashed through the Polish frontier with one intention: to destroy all before it.

Bolshevik leaders meeting in Moscow for the Second Congress of the Communist International had already begun to prepare plans for a Communist-inspired world revolution starting with the nations of Central and Western Europe. Lenin had ordered that Warsaw be taken without delay. …

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