Movie Review: Go See ‘Sound of Hope’ — Then Ask God What He Wants You to Do Next, by Patti Maguire Armstrong 

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June 28, 2024
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Promotional still from ‘Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot’ (photo: Angel Studios)

By Patti Maguire Armstrong, EWTN News,

Patti (Maguire) Armstrong is an award-winning journalist and was managing editor and co-author of the bestselling Amazing Grace Series. Her latest books are the humorous and inspirational second-edition Dear God, I Don’t Get It, Dear God, You Can’t Be Serious!, What Would Monica Do? and Holy Hacks. …


‘To adopt a child is a great work of love.’ —Pope St. John Paul II

Patti Maguire ArmstrongThere are many ways to change a life — perhaps none more dramatic than raising a child who is not biologically your own. If you have ruled out such a possibility, consider at least asking God to let you knowif it is for you, or at least how you can help. Sometimes the answer will surprise you, as it once did me — more on that later — and as it did for Wilbert and Donna Martin, a couple whose real-life story inspired the movie Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot, in theaters July 4.

The movie shares the journey of “Bishop Martin” and his wife, who stirred the hearts of 22 families in their East Texas community to adopt 77 hard-to-place children from the foster-care system. That system is overflowing in this country. According to AdoptUSkids, approximately 117,000 are waiting to be adopted. Neglect and abuse are part of these children’s stories, so emotional scars create behavior problems to be overcome. …