Msgr. Charles Pope: A Bridge Too Far As Seen in a Commercial

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February 22, 2020
This Week: The Confessional Seal; the Pope and Progressives; and More, by Phil Lawler
February 22, 2020

By Msgr. Charles Pope, Feb. 21, 2020

In the commercial below, a man is easily talked out of his meal by Yoda, the Star Wars Jedi Master. However, when the Jedi Master continues on to try to talk him out of his Pepsi, the man realizes that this is a bridge too far. He refuses to give way any longer.

I wonder if this is not an image for Christians in their battle against the world and the devil. Indeed, too often we are willing to give way to those in the world (and the devil himself), who ask us to surrender our dignity, make compromises, and give way to sin. So easily we surrender our serenity to a world that provokes anxiety and anger; we surrender our chastity to a world that exalts lust; we give over our generosity to a world that instills in us a fear that drives us to hoard; we hand over our prophecy to a world that demands our silence; we neglect our soul and hand over its care to a world that demands we be fixated on our body, on good looks and our physical health; we hand over prayer and the celebration of the sacraments to a world that demands all of our time.

In effect, the world and the devil say to us, “All you have is mine … now hand it over.” ….

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