Msgr. Richard C. Antall: Do Some Clergy Represent an Obstacle to the Eucharistic Revival?

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March 20, 2023
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March 20, 2023

A diocesan publication, in the context of the Eucharistic Revival, decides to give space to a priest’s pique about some of the faithful and their devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.

By Msgr. Richard C. Antall, Crisis Magazine, March 19, 2023

Monsignor Antall is pastor of Holy Name Parish in the Diocese of Cleveland. He is the author of The X-Mass Files (Atmosphere Press, 2021), and The Wedding (Lambing Press, 2019).


Msgr. Richard C. Antall

This question came to my mind as I was reading the official magazine of my diocese. The publication took the place of the former diocesan weekly newspaper, and it is a typical example of what passes for Catholic journalism these days—glossy pictures, human interest, and very little that would remind readers of the almost apocalyptic state of world affairs. If you are interested in what is going on in the Church intellectually or socio-politically, you must look elsewhere for reading material.

Until, that is, recently. In an essay in Northeast Ohio Catholic, a former seminary professor, the Reverend Gerald Bednar, weighed in on the Eucharistic Revival with a unique perspective. The problem he found was that some folks want to kneel to receive Communion. Considering all the problems the decline of faith in the Real Presence implies, who knew that kneeling for Communion was something we need to be worried about? …

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