Nation Divided Over ‘Fraud’ Watching Dems Vow ‘Reforms’, by Chad Groening, Billy Davis

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March 20, 2021
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March 20, 2021

By Chad Groening, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow, March 19, 2021

Democrats in the U.S. Senate welcomed a House-passed bill this week that is being heralded as “election reform” legislation but their effort comes with a warning: America will be changed forever, and for the worse, if those “reforms” become law.

“You will never again see free and fair elections in the United States,” Frank Gaffney, who leads the Center for Security Policy, says of the controversial For the People Act. “You will forever, I’m afraid, be locked out because the people who stole the last election will be able to steal every one going forward.”

Gaffney’s stark warning about the election bill, and his accusation of a stolen presidential election last November, are routinely described as fear-mongering conspiracy theories by Democrats and their media allies, who insist no election fraud occurred to put Joe Biden in the White House and also promise the For the People Act improves elections.  …

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