‘Nefarious’: Filmmakers Take the Mask Off Evil in New Exorcism Film, by Joseph Pronechen

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April 18, 2023
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April 18, 2023

New movie 'Nefarious' is out now in theaters. (photo: Courtesy photos / Official Believe Entertainment)

‘Rather than getting bogged down — like every other movie — in diabolical phenomena and power, this one brings the viewer into the demonic mind …’

Opening on 1,200 screens this past weekend, the film Nefarious is a horror thriller like none other, spotlighting the epic battle between evil and human souls.

Co-writers-directors Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman’s supernatural thriller was inspired by the book A Nefarious Plot by New York Times best-selling author Steve Deace. A criminal awaiting execution gets a last-minute reprieve when a court order sends a psychiatrist to examine if he is trying to avoid the death penalty with his behavior. The doctor finds he is a demon who wants to be executed, leading to an edge-of-the-seat battle of good against evil. Both writers, known for Unplanned, consider this their best work up to date and spoke at length with Register staff writer Joseph Pronechen about their film. In addition, the Register asked exorcist Father Carlos Martins his impressions of the film. …

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