Neurosurgeon Dismantles ‘Official Lies’ and Deadly Abuses of Officials Directing COVID Response, by Russell L. Blaylock

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May 28, 2022
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May 28, 2022

The COVID-19 era has been beset with deadly lies which continue to this day, resulting in deaths across the globe. It is time to stop this insanity and bring these people to justice.

(Surgical Neurology International) – The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.[,,] We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.

For the first time in American history a president, governors, mayors, hospital administrators and federal bureaucrats are determining medical treatments based not on accurate scientifically based or even experience based information, but rather to force the acceptance of special forms of care and “prevention”—including remdesivir, use of respirators and ultimately a series of essentially untested messenger RNA vaccines. …

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