New Election Math: It’s Not 270, It’s 26-24, by Jay Valentine

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November 9, 2020
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November 9, 2020

US_Electoral_College_Map, Wiki

By Jay Valentine, American Thinker, November 9, 2020

James Madison’s, Alexander Hamilton’s, and certainly Ben Franklin’s ghosts are laughing as their genius in founding the Electoral College is likely to be vindicated.

We have a generation born to an age where civics is no longer taught, millions of Americans do not know the difference between a representative and a senator and too many think the Electoral College is a land grant school west of Omaha.

They are about to get that civics lesson leftists baked out of curricula.

Trump’s legacy is the opening of the political system to millions who never voted before, minorities who for the first time broke Republican, and more women Republican representatives in Congress.  …

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