New Indictments and ‘Cardinal’s Lady’ Shake Up Vatican Financial Trial, by Claire Giangravé

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January 29, 2022
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January 29, 2022

Cardinal Angelo Becciu, among the accused in the Vatican financial trial, missed Tuesday’s court proceedings amid talk about his relationship with an adviser

Cecilia Marogna. Image via social media

VATICAN CITY (RNS) — Vatican prosecutors issued new indictments Tuesday (Jan. 25) against four individuals involved in a financial scandal over the Roman Catholic Church’s money-losing investment in a London real estate deal, further expanding the number of defendants in what is already being referred to as the Vatican “megatrial.”

All of the newly indicted are familiar figures in the scandal, and prosecutors have tried and failed to subpoena them before. They are Italian financier Raffaele Mincione; attorney Nicola Squillace; Fabrizio Tirabassi, a former employee of the Vatican’s powerful Secretariat of State; and Monsignor Mauro Carlino, a former secretary to the once powerful Cardinal Angelo Becciu, who is also a defendant in the trial. ….

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