New Pro-Life Film Ties Abortion to Father of Lies, by Charlie Butts

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By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow, January 10, 2020

A pro-life organization has released a provocative documentary tying abortion to Satanism after winning a fight with Hollywood to re-release the film.

“Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons” uses numerous eye-opening video clips to reveal the dark and sinister pro-abortion cause, using everyone from Satanists to abortion-supporting clergy to highlight the spiritual fight. 

The 21-minute film (see below), in fact, features members of the Satanic Temple explaining why they support abortion: our bodies are “subject” to a person’s own decisions, hence “reproductive rights” is considered “worship through activism” by The Satanic Temple, which is led by co-founder Lucien Greaves who is quoted in the film. 

“The greatest representative of pursuing autonomy,” the film’s narrator concludes, “is Satan.”


Created Equal spokesman Mark Harrington tells OneNewsNow pro-lifers are witnessing more abortion supporters openly identifying with Satanism and “complete” bodily autonomy, which really means the right to kill unborn babies.

A separate YouTube video featuring Jeff Durbin, a pastor and pro-life activist, shows him debating a Pentagram-tattooed woman outside a Planned Parenthood clinic. More than 300,000 viewers have watched Durbin share the gospel while the woman laughs and curses at him.

Harrington says Created Equal successfully fought a legal battle to use many of the documentary’s clips, which he says was really not a legal argument of fair use.

“It was clear,” he says, “it was because we were using the clip to talk about abortion.”